Guided visits

Normal visits

The visit takes 45 minutes/1 hour and will enable you to enjoy:
  • A general overview of the history and culture of Mauritius in a modern and attractive setting.
  • A unique presentation of Port Louis and of its heritage through an abundance of historical testimonies on Mauritius and its capital.
  • The discovery of collections of international significance such as the Blue Penny, the first edition of the novel, “Paul et Virginie” and the statue sculpted by Prosper d’Epinay.

Privilege visits

The museum can organise visits outside normal opening hours. This exclusive service, which also includes a cocktail reception, is ideal for high-end visitors looking for a special treat. For such occasions, the museum will adapt its services to the specific requirements of the visitors.

Expert visits

Our guides can conduct in-depth visits for clients with a particular interest in one of the themes covered by the museum. A themed visit provides the opportunity and time required to concentrate more on a specific part of the history of our country.