General visits

The visit of the museum will provide visitors, starting with schoolchildren, with a general overview of the art and history of Mauritius.

The visit will, above all, allow visitors to put images on theoretical or abstract considerations touched on in class. Including schoolchildren. And of course, to take children to the museum is like igniting their passion for history and heritage.

Six exhibition rooms dedicated to history, literature and art:
  • The maritime world: Navigation, exploration, discovery, maps, technology, commercial routes.
  • Colonisation: Taking over of territories, settlement, population and development.
  • The capital, Port Louis: Foray into the evolution and development of the port and town since 1736.
  • Postal history: Means, channels and organisation of communication systems over nearly four centuries.
  • Philately: The origins, the postal system, the first stamps to be issued in Mauritius and their world-famous history.
  • “Paul et Virginie”: Historical sources, the tragedy, the vestiges, the novel and its notoriety, the artistic representations.